The CMO has been supporting development projects world-wide since 1955. Without religious discrimination, the oblate community has been helping the marginalized poor, motivated by Christian principles of love and solidarity. The CMO’s strength comes from a wide network of partners in the field, who understand the culture and problems of the countries where they live and serve. This presence assures donors that their contributions are effectively helping the most disadvantaged.
The CMO supports projects touching many aspects of people’s lives, including nutrition and health. In addition, it supports a variety of church-initiated activities; donors can choose to finance either integrated or strictly non-denominational activities.

From Octobre 23rd to December 16th, 2014, the Écomusée du fier monde will present in Ottawa the exhibition "Audacity and perseverance: the legacy of the Oblates O.M.I.". It will give you the chance to learn about the history of the Oblates in Canada, particularly at Saint-Pierre Apôtre in Montreal and at St. Paul University in Ottawa. 

Enjoy your visit!